Wills, Tax and Estate Planning

At North Star Law, we have a strong track record of looking after non-domiciliaries in the UK. As a results Legal 500 rated us as one of two “Firms to Watch” in 2021 and our head of department was rated in the Chambers High Net Worth 2021 for private wealth advice.

Whether you are a high net-worth individual, an entrepreneur or a young person venturing abroad in the hope of realising your dreams, we can help.

We help you move to the UK, while you are in the UK and with your departure from the UK. It’s work that is personal to you and so we’re always on call when you need us.

Private clients like you find it paramount to understand and optimise the potential tax benefits available to you and to structure your assets onshore and offshore in the best possible way.

The kinds of questions that we get asked by clients in this area include:

If you’d like us to help you answer these or any other tax, wills or estate planning questions, then please contact us.

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