North Star Law provides clear, commercial and effective solutions to clients’ legal problems

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About North Star Law

When we set up North Star Law, we wanted to be our clients’ guiding light (hence our name) and have them think of us as trusted, practical and attentive.

Ten years down the line, we’re still acting as our clients’ guiding light and we remain true to those values.

What do we do that deserves us being described as trusted?

We handle private family and business matters with the utmost discretion. We win our clients’ trust through our personal approach and our precise, technical excellence.

Why do clients describe us as practical?

Clients enjoy working with a firm where great attention to detail and responsiveness are delivered as part of their daily service. Clients like being able to ask us a question and get an informed answer that they can act on. That solidifies their trust in us and ensures that we provide great value for money.

Why do clients say that we are attentive?

We make every client feel unique by focusing on their needs and the needs of their business. We want clients to feel that they have enjoyed working with us.

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